Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Little Fitness Fact!

While searching for my first addition to my customized workout plan for this week, I was drawn to this month's edition of Cosmopolitan. Right on the front of the magazine it stated "Flatten Your Belly."

I was pretty stoked about the idea of toning my stomach circumference, but when I flipped though to the fitness section I was pretty upset.

"Tone Your Booty-Fast" was the title of the section. What? How could Cosmo go and lie to me like that, especially when I was amped up for some serious core strengthening? I was in shock and awe.

Then, low and behold I flipped the page and there it was, not a workout tip, but something better; my fun fitness fact of the week.

In a three month experiment recently conducted at Virginia Tech, researchers found that drinking more water is a great diet/fitness aid. They found that participants who consumed about two cups of water anywhere from 15-30 minutes before a meal lost five more pounds than participants who did not.

The head of the research team, Brenda Davy, PhD, RN, stated that "The water drinkers consumed noticeably fewer calories at meals but still reported being satiated."

This is the first step of my customized workout plan, and is very important for me. After reading this article, I sat back and really thought about how much water I drink. The verdict: not a lot. Hell my cats drink more water than I do, which is weird because cats are notorious for not drinking enough water. Who is my new bestie, that's right, H20.


  1. Great post. Two years ago I started drinking two litres a day and I noticed that not only did I feel better but my skin looked better and I ate less. Water before a meal is a great way to trick your body into feeling more satiated sooner.

  2. I read a similar article about consuming water before a meal in a fitness magazine. Since I am always either studying or chasing a child around, I always seem to 'forget' to drink water. To remind myself, I have posted little notes around the house that remind me to take a few sips of water. I also bought a great water bottle that I can carry around anywhere I go. Both of these things have helped me drink more water.

  3. I absolutely love water, and found that it's really good for my skin too. Great tips!